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Osborne Hand Ventilator Setter #621

With Osborne Hand Ventilator Setter #621 setting vents becomes and easy two step process. Just select the size based on the size ventilators you want to set. The 621-3/4 sets 3/4" ventilators, the 621-1 sets 1" ventialtors.

Step one: Punch a hole in the material depending on the size ventilator.

Step 2: Lay ventilator neck up on base, place material over ventilator, now slip ventilator ring on bow side up. A few even taps with an Osborne Rawhide Mallet #196 will set ventilators.

Original price $ 22.99 - Original price $ 23.99
Original price
$ 22.99
$ 22.99 - $ 23.99
Current price $ 22.99