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Marine Upholstery Fabric

Marine Upholstery

Marine Fabric, also known as marine canvas, can refer to a wide array of materials used to make sunshades, awnings, grill covers and especially boats and marine vehicle upholstery. Most importantly, this material has been scientifically engineered to be resistant to damage from old, UV rays, mildew, and other things caused by outdoor elements. These materials are preferred to indoor fabric because of their resistance to the elements. Some marine fabrics are also water resistant, or water proof, in order to provide a protective barrier to the other cushioning or padding used to make comfortable cushions for boats, jet skis and other water crafts. These synthetic fabrics have been proven to stand the test of time from harsh UV rays, which normally can cause fading or deterioration simply from sitting in extremely warm or cold temperatures. UV rays often cause damage to varnishes, loss of color and elasticity, which can eventually lead to the fabric cracking or peeling under the harsh conditions of the weather.

Here at Ronco Industries, we have put together a wide range of fabrics that can stand up to the elements, and provide you with a large selection of synthetic materials that provide the perfect look and feel to your boats, yachts and other marine projects. Please feel free to browse our extensive catalog of Marine Fabrics to find a perfect color and feel for your marine project.

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