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Welcome to the Wholesale Down Feather Cushions Factory

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Down and Feather FAQs

Whenever your cushions, pillows, blankets or apparel is not in use it can be stored in a breathable storage area. A breathable bag or container will allow your products retain their natural attributes that will provide you an exceptional sleep experience for a longer life expectancy.

Moisture is your biggest concern when it comes to the elements. Try your best to keep your down products dry and away from moist surfaces and surroundings. This will keep the down from clumping together and will help the piece to keep its fluffiness and loft. Natural oils from your body and other sources can also be harmful to your down products. We recommend putting a duvet cover, pillow case, or bed protector on all down bedding, to keep natural oils from your skin from reaching the filling inside your cushion, pillow etc.

Down is composed of the light weight fluffy spider like clusters that lay beneath the feathers of waterfowl that protect them from the elements. Down is composed of thousands of individual fibers formed together in a three dimensional cluster which contains no quill. Feathers are what most people are familiar with when imagining a feather. They are two dimensional and help provide support and “body” to your down and feather products.

Down and feather products must always be washed and processed for use in bedding, apparel, or outdoor gear. To be sanitized the fill must first be washed and rinsed to remove, dirt, oils, and bacteria. Next, the down and feather is dried at a high temperature and separated based on quality. When being imported, all down and feather product must meet their destination country’s sanitation requirements.

For hundreds of years down and feather has been one of the most popular bedding choices on the planet. Ounce for ounce, down is the best insulation available, giving you a lightweight warmth which naturally wicks away moisture while insulating. It’s breathable, durable, comfortable, and resilient quality will allow properly cared for down and feather to provide comfort many years to come. Down and feather is an environmentally friendly choice. -Biodegradable – as a natural product, after time it will decompose and will once again become one with the earth. -Conserves resources – As a by-product of the food industry, no resources are going to waste, and no byproducts are being put into landfills. -Renewable – Synthetic fill materials are often composed of non-renewables resources like oil, whereas down and feather is directly from a renewable source. Overall, when compared side by side, down and feather products will have a smaller carbon footprint than their synthetic counter parts.

A majority of the feathers and down found on the market today is a by-product of the food industry. The waterfowl which provide us with the warm and comfy pillows and cushions we enjoy were actually raised for FOOD and not for FEATHERS. By using the plumage for natural insulation we help to reduce the amount of agricultural waste. 80% of the feathers used in the market today comes from China, where ducks and other waterfowl play an very important role in the average diet.

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