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Wholesale Upholstery Foam for Couch and Sofa Cushions

Wholesale Upholstery Foam for Couch and Sofa Cushions

Ronco Industries offers one of the most extensive selections of flexible polyurethane upholstery foam in the Western United States. Whether you need lightweight foam for occasional bench seating or high-density foam for sofa cushions, we have the perfect material in stock for you.


Understanding Flexible Polyurethane Upholstery Foam

Polyurethane foam is a versatile material widely used in upholstery due to its durability, comfort, and affordability. It is available in various types and densities, each suited for different applications. Also, all of our polyurethane foam is certified by CertiPUR-US®Let's delve into the different types of polyurethane foam available at Ronco Industries and how to choose the right foam for couch cushions and other needs.


Types of Polyurethane Foam We Offer

  1. HR (High Resiliency 2.8lb) Foam
    • Cold Cure Process: This advanced manufacturing process enhances foam quality and resilience.
    • Polyurethane Composition: Known for superior durability and comfort.
    • Cost-Effective: Less expensive than latex but more costly than FR foam.
    • Softens Over Time: Maintains comfort as it ages, unlike latex which hardens.
    • Heavier Than FR: Initially introduced as a heavier alternative to FR foam. At approximately a 2.8Lb density it provides better support and durability.
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  2. FR (Flame Retardant 1.8lb Standard Density) Foam
    • Baked Process: This foam undergoes a baking process to enhance its properties.
    • Cal 117: Meets California's flame retardant standards.
    • Polyurethane Composition: Ensures durability and comfort.
    • Softens Over Time: Provides a more comfortable seating experience with prolonged use.
    • Affordable Price: FR is more affordable than Promo or HR
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  3. Promo Foam
    • Loaded FR: Additional weight added to FR foam, reaching up to 2.5 lb.
    • Cost/Quality Balance: Economical choice for budget-conscious projects.
    • Comparable to HR: Attempts to match the quality of HR foam at a lower price point.
    • Heavier but Less Resilient: Offers more weight than standard FR but doesn't match the resilience of HR foam.
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Latex Upholstery Foam as an Alternative to Polyurethane Foam

All Natural Eco-Friendly Latex Upholstery Foam

Latex upholstery foam offers several benefits over traditional polyurethane foam, making it an attractive alternative for furniture and mattress applications. Latex foam is naturally hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew, making it a healthier choice for those with allergies or sensitivities. It also boasts excellent breathability, helping to regulate temperature and prevent overheating. Furthermore, latex foam is environmentally friendly, as it is biodegradable and produced from renewable resources, whereas polyurethane foam is petroleum-based and less eco-friendly. These qualities make latex upholstery foam a sustainable and high-performance option for consumers seeking both comfort and environmental responsibility.

Latex Foam for Couch and Sofa Cushions
    • Environmentally Friendly: Refined from the sap of the rubber tree without cutting down or damaging the tree.
    • Higher Quality than FR: Released after FR, offering heavy weight for durability.
    • Unique Design: Features a crown, providing a distinct, non-flat surface.
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Key Considerations for Choosing Upholstery Foam

  1. Density and Firmness
    • Regular Density (1.8 lb): Suitable for moderate use and provides a good balance of comfort and support.
    • High Density (2.8 lb): Ideal for high-traffic areas and commercial use, offering superior durability and support.
    • Firmness vs. Density: Firmness affects how the foam feels, while density impacts its weight and longevity.
  2. Application Type
    • Decorative or Light Usage: 1.8 lb standard density foam is usually sufficient for decorative furniture providing comfort and durability at an affordable price. This is mostly recommended for furniture that will not be used often.
    • High Usage: For furniture that will be used often, 2.8 lb high-resiliency foam is recommended to ensure longevity and resilience while maintaining maximum comfort.
  3. Budget
    • FR Foam: Cost-effective and suitable for a wide range of applications, especially where budget constraints exist.
    • HR Foam: Higher initial cost but offers better longevity and comfort, making it a good investment for long-term projects.
    • Promo Foam: Balances cost and quality, providing a more affordable option with decent performance.
    • Latex Foam Foam: Much higher cost, but environmentally and sustainable.


Why Choose Ronco Industries?

If you're looking for where to buy upholstery foam, Ronco Industries is your go-to destination. We prioritize quality and customer satisfaction. Our selection of upholstery foam for cushions is backed by a ten-year warranty, reflecting our commitment to providing durable and comfortable upholstery solutions. We offer a flat rate shipping system and custom size cutting to meet all your specific needs, whether for indoor or outdoor use.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does FR foam mean?
    • FR stands for flame retardant, meeting specific safety standards for fire resistance.
  • What does HR foam mean?
    • HR stands for High Resiliency, indicating a foam that offers greater durability and comfort over time.
  • What do the numbers in the foam name mean?
  • What is the difference between density and firmness?
    • Density refers to the weight and longevity of the foam, while firmness describes the feel and support level. Read More
  • How long does the foam last?
    • The longevity of the foam depends on its density and usage. High-density foam typically lasts longer.
  • What is the white wrap in my cushions?
    • The white wrap is called dacron wrap, which adds a smooth finish and additional comfort to the cushions.


For any additional questions or to place an order, please contact Ronco Industries. Whether you need high-density foam for sofa cushions or high resiliency foam for cushions, our team is ready to assist you in choosing the best foam for your specific needs, ensuring you get the perfect balance of comfort, durability, and affordability.

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