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Wholesale Pillow Filler

Ronco's Feather and Down Department is a trusted supplier of high-quality, poly fiber filler, polyester pillow fills, pillow forms and more. We manufacture each pillow filler with the same industry-leading ticking, whether we're creating pillows or cushions. We start our blends off at 10% down and 90% feather. It's a comfortable and economical blend.

We also carry higher blends such as 25/75 and 50/50 Duck or Goose Feather blends.

Choose your preferred pillow filler

Our hypo-allergenic cushions can be filled with blown fiber, cluster fiber or our exclusive Angel Hair Fiber, Down and Touchdown blend.

Angel Hair Fiber

While Angel Hair is a silky soft fiber that mimics the feel of 100% down, they do not retain heat like down. They do, however, mold to the user's shape the same way as down and feather. Although Cluster Fiber and Angel Hair Fiber are recommended for imitation down, they are only man-made imitations of the natural fiber and do not carry the exact same characteristics or feel.

Touchdown Blend

The best of both worlds, the Touchdown Blend is a blend of 50% Cluster Fiber and 50% 10/90 Duck or Goose Feather per request. This pillow filler has some of the feel of down but cuts down on the re-fluffing and karate chopping by adding polyester fiber, which automatically refills with air.


Down is the most desirable part of the feather. Down consists of the lightweight spider-like clusters found closest to the body of the bird. It is this combination of lightweight fill with the ability to retain heat that made down and feather the premier choice in luxury bedding for the past several decades.

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