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Wholesale Upholstery Supplies

Wholesale Upholstery Supplies

At Ronco Industries, we carry an extensive inventory of wholesale upholstery supplies. Below we have divide our product list into main categories based on the function of the products. Please take a look to find which category fits the needs of your project. 

We also offer a flat rate shipping to several areas of the country to our wholesale accounts. So you can purchase all of your supplies and have them delivered at the same rate.

Polyfiber and Down Inserts

  • Down Envelope Adjustable
  • Down Cushion Butter Fly Corners
  • Down Comforter
  • Solid Cushion Standing 1
  • Basket Ball Cushions

We manufacture our down and polyester inserts in house and offer various fill options. For down and feather, we offer Duck or Goose in 10/90, 25/75, 50/50, or 100% down ratios. Our polyester fillers include Blown Fiber, Angel Hair Fiber, and Cluster Fiber. We also offer custom patterns to fit any shape and size your project needs.

Upholstery Foam

We carry a wide selection of upholstery foam in a variety of densities and can provide any shape and size you are looking for. We also carry Dry Fast Reticulated Foam for outdoor upholstery.

Polyester and Cotton Upholstery Batting

  • Upholstery Batting

If you are wrapping foam cushions with upholstery batting for seat or back cushions, for indoor or outdoor projects, we can the supply right batting for your project. 

Outdoor Upholstery Supplies

Outdoor Upholstery Supplies

When upholstering furniture for patios, pools, gardens, or even boats, it's important to find the right outdoor upholstery supplies that can stand up to the elements. Our outdoor supplies are UV and mold resistant as well as drain water quickly to stay dry and last. 

Upholstery Findings

Upholstery Findings are products that go inside of furniture. From welt and inner cushion springs, to foam and batting, we are sure to have the supplies you need to finish the job. 

Upholstery Decoratives

  • Upholstery Fabric

Upholstery decoratives are products that finish the job and create the exterior appearance. We carry a wide selection of fabrics, decorative nails and legs, as well as Gimp, welt, and pillow covers to finish the job.

Upholstery Tools

Whatever the project requires we carry the tool to finish the job. Take a look at our selection of upholstery tools.

Miscellaneous Upholstery Supplies

In this group we have everything else an upholstery project requires. This includes tacks, staples, thread, adhesives, etc. Take a look at these supplies if you can't find the right product in our other groups.

Various Product Specs

Download Leg Catalog

Download Nail Catalog

Spring Mist Specs

Howard's Finishers

Premiere vinyl specs

Accord specs

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