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Poly Fiber Fill

Ronco's poly-fiber fill pillows and cushions are as comfortable as they are cost-effective. Dacron padding gives a non-compressing finish that is able to cut foam shapes as well as uneven areas. It isn't prone to crushing, and can be manipulated to fill in imperfections in a fiber pillow or cushion once the fill is inserted.

This product is also very sanitary. Unlike some of the old horsehair products that are occasionally found in antique furniture, there are nothing in them to support molds, mildews or any kind of parasitic life. Dacron will retain its given shape better over time than down-fill or some lower density foams.

Dacron, when used on foam to be placed into cushions, will give them a rounded or softer look. It's a poly-fiber fill that is used on only three sides-- top, bottom and front edge and works like underpad for carpet, keeping the final finish from wearing out before its time to replace it. It will also protect the fabric from accidental spills, where liquid can pass through the Dacron and settle on the foam rather than on the fabric.

Choose the type of poly-fiber fill that will best suit your indoor or outdoor needs.

Ronco's Poly-fiber fill products are for every occasion.

We customize cushions, pillows, comforters, and just about everything else. Contact us today to ask about our flat rate shipping options!

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