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Experience the Luxury of a Down Feather Pillow

The Feather Department at Ronco Industries delivers quality and comfort with every product. A down feather pillow is a luxurious addition to your home, and before our feathers get into your sleeping pillow, comforter or cushion, we rigorously test our down for content, species, fill power, average feather length and cleanliness. Our well-trained staff works to ensure that down feather pillows and other products from Ronco Industries meet and exceed industry requirements to yield the highest quality down and feather blends available.

Labeling Requirements:

Down feather pillows and other products that are labeled Down are required to contain a minimum of 75% down cluster. It is also required that the percentage of down must be listed on the label.

Down and Feather Blend Products:

The minimum down content must be listed on any products that contain both down and feathers, and there is no tolerance for cutting corners allowed. Products labeled “50% Down/50% Feathers” must contain a minimum of 50% down cluster. There is no down fiber allowance in any down feather pillow or down product.

Feather Products:

Products may be labeled “Waterfowl Feathers” if the product is at least made of 80% goose or duck feather.

Species: Products may be labeled by species only if 90% or more of the plumage is of that species is used.

Hypoallergenic Claims: The industry standard for hypoallergenic claims is an oxygen number of 4.8 or less and a turbidity level of 500mm or higher.

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