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There is nothing worse than a lumpy pillow or cushion when you're trying to rest comfortably. A pillow stuffing procedure should yield precise and accurate results that guarantees quality and comfort. No matter which type of filling you choose, the key to successful pillow stuffing is what you use to get into those hard-to-reach corners, curves and crevices.

The average American has two to three pillows on their bed that are stuffed with polyester (a synthetic), feathers, down materials, or a combination of the latter two. The least expensive pillow stuffing we manufacture is polyester, although it is the most durable, easily washed, and causes few allergic reactions. The most expensive is the pillow filled with goose down. Some higher-end pillows may be filled with a combination of goose feathers and down, and that ratio may vary extensively according to price point (the more down, the more expensive). The pillow filling will always be distinguished by the tag on the pillow casing, which must be there by law in the event that the consumer may be allergic to the contents.

The batting, or pillow stuffing materials are the most important part of the pillow and determine the fabric chosen for the pillow casing. While the casing is generally cotton or cotton-polyester, the weight and closeness of the weave varies according to filling. The feather and down filling require a more expensive, very dense, tightly woven fabric that will keep the feather shafts from poking the sleeper and keep the fine down from working its way through the cloth. Polyester batts do not require such closely woven fabrics. These fabrics may have starch applied to them during their manufacturing to make them stiffer and more resistant to penetration. The only other material required for pillow manufacture is a sturdy thread for sewing the pillow itself.

For more information on pillow stuffing contact us today. Our experienced staff will be more than happy to answer and of your questions.

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