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Wholesale Pillow Inserts From Ronco Industries Furniture

wholesale pillow inserts

Ronco Industries is one of the largest upholstery suppliers in the western United States for wholesale pillow inserts. We offer dependable service at competitive prices - our product list is extensive, allowing us to market affordable pillow inserts. Our customers are serviced with a dedicated support team to ensure 100% client satisfaction. View our online catalogue for a list of wholesale pillow inserts and other products. Resellers, please call us for individual quotes on bulk pillow inserts.

Due to a commitment to quality and a customer-first attitude, Ronco Industries has established itself as one of the premiere bedding product distributors over the past two decades. We rely on an in-house team (no outsourcing!) of cushion fillers, seamstresses, and quality control personnel. Our proprietary methods have resulted in an ability to slash prices, design custom pieces, and deliver orders within a competitive turnaround time.

Ronco's Feather and Down Department is a trusted supplier of high-quality pillow filling, whether we're creating pillows or cushions.

Our wholesale hypoallergenic pillows can be filled with Down and Feather, blown fiber, cluster fiber, our exclusive Angel Hair Fiber, or Touchdown blends.

Down Pillow Inserts

down pillow inserts

We import all of our containers directly and source the fluffiest down plumes available. All of our feathers are washed and rinsed to remove dust, dirt, and allergens that can cause allergic reactions.

This means our down pillow inserts are completely hypoallergenic. With blends ranging from 10 percent down and 90 percent feather-- and all the way up to 100% Duck or Goose down -- we are able to match each customer with an individual level of comfort. Our poly fiber fill pillow inserts are made by taking the body, fluffiness, resilience, and support of the pillow into account. Sleep in comfort with a down feather pillow or a fiber pillow.

Note: Products are labelled “Down” when they contain a minimum of 75% down cluster. This percentage must be listed on the label.

Hypoallergenic Pillow Inserts

hypoallergenic pillow inserts

Ronco's down alternative hypoallergenic pillows and cushions are as comfortable as they are cost-effective. Dacron padding gives a non-compressing finish that is able to cut foam shapes as well as uneven areas. It isn't prone to crushing, and can be manipulated to fill in imperfections in a fiber pillow or cushion once the fill is inserted.

This product is also very sanitary. Unlike some of the old horsehair products that are occasionally found in antique furniture, there is nothing to support molds, mildew or any kind of parasitic life. Dacron will retain its given shape better over time than down-fill or some lower density foams.

Custom Pillow Inserts

custom pillow inserts

We offer a wide variety of customization when determining what shape you want from your inserts. Just contact us with the dimensions of your insert with the desired filling and we will happily manufacture a custom form to meet your needs.

These are some of the available options:
⦁ Throw Pillows
⦁ Solid Back and Seat Cushions
⦁ Envelope Cushions
⦁ Bolster Neck Roll
⦁ Duvet
⦁ Butterfly, Turkish, French Stitching
⦁ Basketball

Pillow Insert Bulk Fill

Down and Feather

Down and Feather Bulk

Down is the most desirable part of the feather. Down consists of the lightweight spider-like clusters found closest to the body of the bird. It is this combination of lightweight fill with the ability to retain heat that made down and feather the premier choice in luxury bedding for the past several decades.

We start our blends off at 10% down and 90% feather. It's a comfortable and economical blend. We also carry higher blends such as 25/75, 50/50, and 100% Duck or Goose Feather blends.

Angel Hair Fiber

Angel Haif Trillium Fiber Bulk

While Angel Hair is a silky soft fiber that mimics the feel of 100% down, they do not retain heat like down. They do, however, mold to the user's shape the same way as down and feather. Although Cluster Fiber and Angel Hair Fiber are recommended for imitation down, they are only man-made imitations of the natural fiber and do not carry the exact same characteristics or feel.

Cluster Fiber

This fiber has been machine rolled into pellets designed to flatten and refill with air, which keeps the pillows from lumping up.

Touchdown Blend

The best of both worlds, the Touchdown Blend is a blend of 50% Cluster Fiber, 45% Feather, and 5% Down Duck or Goose per request. This pillow filler has some of the feel of down but reduces the re-fluffing and karate chopping by adding polyester fiber, which automatically refills with air.

Blown Fiber

Blown Fiber Bulk

A machine separated fiber for pillows cushions and other applications.