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Outdoor Pillows

Choosing throw pillows to match the décor of your patio and add extra comfort to your outdoor space is just as important as choosing the right seat cushions.

The shape and firmness of your cushions sets the tone for the luxury of your outdoor space, where relaxation is the key goal to truly enjoying the great outdoors. Square or rectangle throw pillows are great additions to deep patio furniture, adding extra back support, or simply adding an additional element of luxury.

Choosing the right material is integral to the durability of your outdoor pillows, which is why we provide closed-cell, Dry Fast foam for pillows. The Dry Fast, open-cell foam allows for water to pass through with little absorption, but versatile enough to suit any application. Compared to quick-dry polyester, which absorbs water, Dry Fast pillows can be left out and dried out without the risk of molding or mildewing. No more having to remember to bring in the cushions! The firm, but comfortable, cushion adds luxurious elements to your patio arrangement and won’t lump over time.

We can also provide or suggest the best fabric to for your outdoor pillows to ensure that your entire patio set up is waterproof and maintenance free. With a range of colors and patterns, our line of material can suit your design and style, ensuring an entirely hassle-free shopping experience.

We have a number of pre-made pillows that you can chose from that will complement your style, sewn with UV treated polyester thread and weather-treated fabric. Or you can chose to have us custom cut your pillows and ship your outdoor cushion foam, allowing you to use fabric from your own project.

We ship by UPS, Fed Ex, or Golden State Overnight ground delivery to ensure that your completed outdoor space is ready for entertaining, but also provide second day air shipping. Contact us with a valid reseller’s license and receive flat rate shipping and wholesale prices!

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