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Outdoor Foam for Cushions

Outdoor Foam for Cushions

When looking for high quality outdoor foam for cushions, there are a number of characteristics that are important to consider. The comfort, resistance to the elements, and long-lasting potential are important things to consider when choosing your outdoor cushion foam​.

Outdoor furniture is meant to endure the elements, from rain, sleet and snow to excessive sun. Especially when purchased for your large scale project, the last thing you want to be worrying about year after year is replacing damaged outdoor chair cushions. Deciding on best foam for outdoor cushions shouldn’t be an arduous task, which is why we’ve made it simple for you.

There are a number of options that you can use to outfit your patio, boat, or seaside loungers, but only one that stands the test of time. Dry Fast foam, is reticulated and extremely porous which allows water to pass right through.

Not absorbing any rain or seawater allows for an always dry, anti-microbial cushion that can be used throughout the year, rain or shine. Which is why you want Dry Fast foam for outdoor cushions.

Dry Fast Foam

Dry Fast FoamComprised of antimicrobial agents to prevent mold and mildew, Dry Fast’s porous composition is produced through a "Hydroblast Reticulation," this allows for water to flow right through the material while providing maximum air circulation, never truly absorbing moisture. This leaves you with a odorless, mildew and mold resistant padding that is durable, weather resistant, and luxurious to sit and lay on.

With a choice of material in soft, medium, or firm, Dry Fast outdoor chair cushions are the perfect solution for any installation. The open-cell technology in the foam allows for water to pass right through, never absorbing, and allowing for a durable mold-free foam, whatever the elements throw at it.

Replacement Cushions for Patio Furniture

Replacement Cushions for Patio Furniture

There are several options for finding replacement cushions for patio furniture depending on the firmness you require, as well as the shape and dimensions to fit your outdoor cushions. At Ronco, we can provide custom sized Dry Fast foam cushions, and those with a valid reseller’s license can contact us for flat rate shipping and wholesale prices!

We can custom cut your cushions depending on the furniture that you are using them for:

  • Patio cushions ​can be customized to fit the exact dimensions to match your patio furniture.
  • Lounge chairs ​are great for laying poolside, catching some sun, or having a mid-day nap. But without a cushion, they are not as comfortable or luxurious as they could be. Made to fit the length of your furniture, lounge or chaise cushions are a necessity to complement any outdoor patio set.outdoor-chair-cushions
  • Bench cushions​ are for the truly social patio set up, allowing for an uninterrupted length of cushion that covers your entire bench.
  • Floor cushions​: Not all cushions need to be placed on furniture! Floor cushions can act as great accent pieces that complete the space and offer extra seating for overflow guests.

How to measure to ensure the best fit for your furniture:

Making sure that we properly customize your cushions is important to our process, so depending on the type of cushion you’ve decided on, having complete and accurate measurements ensures that the design is correctly made for your outdoor space.

Outdoor Seat Cushions

Once you’ve decided on material, make sure that you provide us with the length of the seat and back (if choosing a back cushion), width of the seat and back, and the thickness you desire. When deciding on thickness, it’s important to consider how high and firm the cushion will be while still allowing arms to comfortably rest on the armrests.

We also have a range of outdoor upholstery fabric to choose from in order to make your patio chair cushions completely weather-proof. A number of patterns are also available to complete the design of your outdoor space, and complement your style. Don’t forget to accessorize with outdoor pillows!

We can ship your custom cut cushions by UPS, Fed Ex, Golden State Overnight ground delivery to ensure that you’re project is complete on time. That way, you’re ready to enjoy your sunny outdoor space, cocktail in hand, as soon as possible. Second day and next day air delivery is also available.

Contact us with a valid reseller’s license and receive flat rate shipping and wholesale prices!