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Outdoor Upholstery Fabric

Over the years, Ronco Industries carries a selection of Outdoor Fabrics to compliment the catalog of upholstery supplies that we carry. Outdoor fabrics have different characteristics than indoor fabrics. First and foremost, they can withstand the harsh conditions caused by outdoor elements. When you are creating or reupholstering patio cushions for that beautiful outdoor patio area for a client, you will want to make sure that the fabrics you use are mildew and mold resistant and can stand up to the harsh UV rays that can cause normal indoor materials to deteriorate. Lighter-colored materials reflect heat and sunlight, and provide more cooling, Darker materials produce the opposite effect and will create a hotter environment, but a darker shade. Please review our catalog of outdoor materials to create that perfect awning or sunshade for barbecue season or to create the perfect outdoor enclosure to shield your outdoor area from the rain or other harsh weather conditions.


Sundown Seastar

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