Outdoor Foam

Marine Dry Fast Foam Padding

Outdoor Foam: Weather Resistant Foam Padding for Outdoor Furniture

The highest quality outdoor furniture is made with a high performance foam engineered specifically for outdoor applications.

This outdoor padding is the choice of seaside resorts, contract upholsterers, hospitality clients and top-end designers.

Dry Fast Outdoor Foam is produced through a "Hydroblast Reticulation" process which makes the foam extremely porous. This allows the maximum amount of water drainage and air circulation. This leaves you with a odorless, mildew and mold resistant padding that is durable, weather resistant, and luxurious to sit and lay on. Accept no substitutes. Outdoor furniture does require weather resistant padding, unless it will always remain dry and out of the harsh forces of nature.

It can be shaped easily much like conventional polyurethane foam rubber. Available in Soft, Medium, and Firm for your preference.

Dryfastvsquickdry Dryfastvsquickdry

Foam Certifications / Specs

Outdoor Seastar Colors

Arcadia Outdoor New 3 year Specs

Marina vinyl specs

Dry fast foam specs

Outdoor Foam / Kwik Dry Densified Polyester FAQs:

1. YES it is in stock!!! :)

Upholstery Businesses and Furniture Manufacturers PLEASE CALL FOR WHOLESALE PRICES

Dry Fast Sheets

1 x 60 x 80

2 x 60 x 80

3 x 60 x 80

4 x 60 x 80

5 x 60 x 80

6 x 60 x 80

Upholstery Businesses and Furniture Manufacturers PLEASE CALL FOR WHOLESALE PRICES

2. Custom Sizes available: Please call for pricing

3. Kwik Dry vs Dry Fast: The biggest differences between the two products are life expectancy, comfort, drainage and air flow. Both products are mildew and mold resistant. Although both are weather resistant, Dry Fast Foam will last longer, drain faster, and feel better than its Kwik Dry counterpart.

4. Specs: (See Product Technical Information)

5. Firmness: Soft / Medium / Firm

6. Can I cut this foam? YES

7. Should I use Cushion wrap with this? Light cushion wrap can be used but do not go too thick, it acts as an extra layer for the water to go through. See Also our (Polyester Fiber) section.

8. Should I use Spray Adhesive? Also light on the spray adhesive, you do not want to create a layer to stop the water drainage.

9. Do you carry outdoor Fabrics? YES

10. What thread should I use outdoors? Polyester thread is better in the sun and UV treated.

11. Do you carry outdoor pillows? YES

12. Do you carry outdoor ticking? YES

13. How much is the freight going to run? We ship UPS, Fed Ex, or Golden State Overnight ground delivery. 2nd day air/Next day Air/Early A.M. are pricey but also available.

For those with a resellers license please contact us for flat rate shipping options and WHOLESALE Pricing!!!


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