Dry Fast

For a firm cushion that is built to last, Dry Fast cushion padding is the perfect choice to ensure that your outdoor seating isn’t soaking up rainwater. Comprised of antimicrobial agents to prevent mold and mildew, Dry Fast’s open cell foam composition allows for water to flow right through the material, never truly absorbing water.

When compared to a quick dry polyester cushion that absorbs the water, but dries out quickly, Dry Fast outdoor foam cushion truly wins the stress test. Polyester material leaves you with a period of time after a rainfall that your cushions are unusable, unless you want to get soaking wet. While the wicking features make the polyester cushion more cost-effective, those who forget to bring in their cushions could be stuck feeling it later.

Dry Fast outdoor foam cushions will stand up against anything that Mother Nature throws at them, without compromising the integrity of the cushion. With constant exposure to rain, sleet, snow, and sun, the open cell technology is made to prevent the elements from seeping in.

Combined with an outdoor cushion fabric that repels rain water, the Dry Fast foam makes for a maintenance free cushion, perfect for use on boat furniture and mattresses, docks, and outdoor furniture. The low-maintenance material makes it convenient for the cushion to be outdoors year-round, and almost as importantly, won’t lose its shape.

The firm cushion has enough give to ensure comfort, without the chance of lumps forming over time, to ensure that your summer days and nights are consistently enjoyed in dry comfort.

Available in pre-cut lengths of 60x80, Dry Fast outdoor foam is the perfect size for your outdoor bench project. Simply combine with any outdoor fabric of your choice, and you’re ready to enjoy the sunny days. You can also give us a call for custom sizing. Those with a valid reseller’s license can contact us for flat rate shipping and wholesale prices!

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